Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet



Kask’s entry level road cycling helmet, the rapido, is 100 percent made in Italy. The EPS shell optimizes the management of impacts and structure-molding ensures the safety thanks to the polycarbonate roof of the dome on the top and at the rear. The helmet offers ventilation and breathability through 24 vents that are arranged in an aerodynamic structure. The up and down adjustment system gives the most precise and comfortable fitting of any helmet thanks to its unique double pivot design. This allows the back of the head to be cradled by the straps, which are then easily tightened to the correct tension by a Central ratchet wheel. This fit system combined with a very breathable, non-slip, gel internal liner ensures top performance by the user. Available in sizes: medium (52-58 cm) and large (59-62 cm).